Avoiding homogeneous competition is the key to get rid of difficulties in crusher industry

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the demand of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry is increasing, and the development is getting better and better. As one of the equipments in the pharmaceutical machinery industry, the crusher has a good development trend and still faces great opportunities. China is a developing country, but also relies on the use of drugs to solve medical problems. At the same time, China is constantly learning from developed countries and investing a lot of research. Therefore, the development of Chinese medicine stimulates the pharmaceutical industry the most, and with the development of the […]

Ultramicro-grinder is popular in Chinese herbal medicine industry

The popularity of traditional Chinese medicine has promoted the innovation of deep processing technology and equipment in Chinese traditional medicine industry. Among many equipments, ultra-fine grinding technology has realized the intensive processing of traditional Chinese medicines to a great extent. Although it is a high-tech developed in recent years, ultra-fine grinding technology can process raw materials into micro or even nano-sized micro-powder, and has a wide range of applications. Some studies have shown that the technology of Ultra-micro comminution has achieved breakthroughs in breaking the asylum of traditional Chinese medicines. Compared with traditional Chinese medicines prepared by traditional technology, the […]

How to Clean the Crusher of Traditional Chinese Medicine

1. Cleaning the crusher cabin. The crusher cabin is what we call the “crushing bin”. The crushing of articles is carried out in the crushing bin, so it is the focus of cleaning. The main fixed parts of the crushing bin and motor are the “knife head” parts inside the cabin. The top of the knife head is fixed by a stainless steel screw. As long as the screw here is loosened with a wrench and the knife blade is taken off, the cabin and the motor can be separated. When separating, pay attention to pulling out the link line. […]

Introduce the comminution methods of different kinds of traditional Chinese medicine

Whenever we mention the crushing of traditional Chinese medicine, people will think that this is not simple, just put traditional Chinese medicine in the crusher. There is no traditional Chinese medicine crusher on the market that can crush all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. There are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, and crushing is the basis of traditional Chinese medicine preparations. So the current market of traditional Chinese medicine crusher is full of contention. Chinese herbal medicines are mostly crushed before they are prepared. Suitable comminution method is one of the preconditions to ensure the quality of preparation. This […]

The crusher industry still needs to devote itself to the research of new topics in the process

At present, with the increasingly fierce competition in the pharmaceutical machinery market, the factors such as excellent equipment, advanced technology and thoughtful service are a new subject for pharmaceutical machinery enterprises, and also the key to win the competitive advantage in the market. In recent years, the medical crusher is facing the reshuffle of the industry, so the research on new topics is imminent. With the promulgation of the 12th Five-Year Plan and the upgrading of industry requirements, some backward crusher manufacturers will be eliminated, and those enterprises with advanced technology will face tremendous opportunities for development. China is a […]

Universal Crusher Should be Operated Correctly to Avoid Blockage

Guide: The crusher industry is still a new industry in China, which belongs to the initial stage of development. However, from the experience of a few decades, the speed is relatively fast, especially the universal crusher. Its application field is expanding continuously, and it is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, construction and other industries. It is known that the universal crusher adopts the impact crushing method. When the material enters the crushing chamber, it is impacted by six moving hammers which rotate at high speed. The crushed material is crushed by collision between the gear ring and the material. […]

Tampering mortar gradually fade out of the market

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the development of social economy, consumers have long said goodbye to the age of decocting traditional Chinese medicine, more directly in the pharmacy agent processing. As a result, pharmacies have stricter requirements on the performance of cutting and crushing equipment for Chinese medicinal materials. The crusher, as its name implies, is a machine that crushes large-scale solid raw materials to the required size. At present, the super-high-speed single-phase motor is used as the power in the market, which can quickly crush various soft and hard medicinal materials. Generally, the Chinese medicinal materials […]
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