• Main Application:This machine is applied for continuous screening of powder and inhomogeneous granulates in such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff etc. Features:Comprised of vertical vibration motor, screen base, mesh frame, screening chamber and rubber vibration ring etc, this machine can he used either for single layer or multilayer grading, featuring compact structure, convenient handle and maintenance, stable operation, low noise, large handling, small size and strong availability etc.   Model Production capacity Meshes screen Vibration frequencyed Motor power Overall dimension Weight ZS-400 40-500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min 0.4kw 600*500*1100mm 200kg ZS-600 200-1500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min 0.4kw 800*700*1150mm 250kg ZS-800 200-2500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min […]
  • Main Application:The vacuum conveyor is new product which is developed by absorbing the similar product from abroad. At present, it is the idea feeding equipment which is used for transporting the powder material, granular material and powder & granular material or feeding the material directly into the mixer. It highly reduces the man power and solves outflow of powder etc., It has GMP certificated which is widely used in the pharmacy, foodstuff industry.. Working principle:The vacuum conveyor is comprised of vacuum(no oil, no water), feeding tube, PE filter, vacuum hopper, automatic control device, pneumatic discharging device and compress air device, […]
  • Main Application:GHL high speed mixing granulator is a high efficiency equipment that can mix different powder materials and granulate granule in one procedure. It is widely used for pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry, etc. Working principle:The powder material and adhesive are mixed fully at the bottom to become humid soft material, the nit is cut through high speed crusher and become uniform granules. Features:1, The machine adapts horizontal cylinder structure. Its structures is reasonable; 2, Use air filled seal shaft to drive. When washing, it can be changed to water; a, Use fluidization to Granulate and the granule […]
  • Main Application:As a new equipment that utilizes the crystallized water in the material to pelletize the powder into granulate, this machine features novel and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance and cleaning. Granulates made by the machine can be pressed into tablets or capsules, and it’s mainly used for granulation inpharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and other trades, esp. for granulation of materials not suitable for wet method.   Model Production Feedingsize Working pressure Motor power Overall dimension Weight GK-70 20-60kg/h 0.4-6mm 198kn 7.15kw 1380*850*2200mm 1600kg GK-120 60-200kg/h 0.4-6mm 294kn 13.75kw 1850*1100*2600mm 2000kg GK-250 80-300kg/h 0.4-6mm 294kn 25kw 2080*1240*2920mm 3000kg
  • Main Application:This machine is the ideal equipment used in such trades as pharmaceutical, foodstuff, irruptive dosage chemical, solid beverage and so on, especially for the material with higeh viscosity. It can make the required granule from agitated materials. Featuring high efficient guanulated, beauty appearances of the guanules, automatic discharging, avoid the breakage of false discharging, and this machine is suitable for nullah-operation. It is suitable for the chick monosodium glutamate factory.   Model Production Granulator dia Motor power Overall dimension Weight Knif size ZL-250 100-200kg/h 1.0-3mm 3kw 700*540*1400mm 350kg 250mm ZL-300 150-350kg/h 1.0-3mm 4kw 800*650*1400mm 400kg 300mm
  • Main Application:Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries with good effect, KZL serise high speed granulator has rationally designed sieve and link and can crush a block of fragile material, besides, it can crush and filtrate solid particles and grind large block with special sieve and friction sieve and link in accordance with principle of centrifugal force, and it can substitute for swing granulator.   Model Production Spring length Diameter of filter Motor power Speed Overall dimension Weight KZL-80 50-100kg/h 185mm ?1-8mm 0.55kw 1500-3000r/min 650*450*1000mm 48kg KZL-120 100-200kg/h 185mm ?1-8mm 1.1kw 1000-1500r/min 1000*8000*1200mm 150kg KZL-160 150-300kg/h 185mm ?1-8mm 1.5kw […]
  • Main Application:Pharmaceutical industry: tablet, capsule, low sugar or no sugar granule of Chinese medicine Foodstuff: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice of granulate, flavoring and so on. Other industries: pesticide, feed, chemical fertilizer, pigment, dyestuff and so on. Pharmaceutical industry: tablet. Working principle:The powder granule the container (fluidization bed) appear the state of fluidization, It is preheated and mixed with clean and heated air. At the same time the solution of adhesive solvent is fogged and sprayed into the container. It makes the some particles become granulating that contains adhesive. Being of unceasing dry through hot air, the moisture in the […]
  • Main Application:Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff trades etc., It can make wet powdery material into granulates or crush block dry material, as well as carry out speedy granulation. Working principle:The roller is swung repeatedly through mechanical driving, which makes the material extruded from sieve, further granulated or crushed or speedily pelletized.   Model Production Granulator dia Motor power Drum speed Drum diameter Overall dimension Weight YK-70 5-30kg/h 0.8-5mm 0.37kw 48r/min ?60mm 530*450*580mm 70kg YK-160 200-300kg/h 0.8-5mm 3kw 55r/min ?160mm 1000*800*1300mm 380kg YK-250 200-500kg/h 0.8-5mm 5.5kw 38r/min ?250mm 1050*890*1320mm 550kg
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